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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Revit Alliance: Additional View Types upon Level creation - Fail/B...

My fellow bloggers and Revit gunslingers over at The Revit Alliance had an excellent post today on view types which I thought I would share - so enjoy!

The Revit Alliance: Additional View Types upon Level creation - Fail/B...: Have you ever used this button? Yeah, me neither! ;) It lets you create multiple plan views, for different view types, as you create leve...

Monday, 27 February 2012

Creating Selection Sets

Another way of using filters is the ability to create selection sets which in turn can show up in filters.

By using this method you can quickly set up filters without having to go through all the normal rules.

Quick Tip: For all saved section sets please prefix with SS-
Note: When you create a saved selection set this also appears in the filter list (Important – you cannot edit this filter and if you select this filter and click edit you will be unable to create or edit any filter) Please ensure you have set up a filter prior to creating saved selection sets.
Note: This issue has been resolved in 2013

Example: This example shows a wall loading plan (Figure 1) where selection sets have been set up to identify different walls loadings as different colours.

Figure 1

Filters have been used to change the colour of the selection sets (Figure 3)

Figure 3

To Create a Selection Set:  Pick an element(s) then in Manage (Figure 2) pick save (please prefix with SS-)

Figure 2

To Edit a Selection Set:  In Manage (Figure 2) pick Edit, then select the required prefixed SS- selection set (Figure 4) then pick Edit – then use Add to/Remove from Section (Figure 5) to make amendments


Figure 4

Figure 5

Filter Case Study:

The Problem: (Figure 6)

To create a 3D view that highlights all walls in the model that have the incorrect naming. As all walls are named 2??-level-W(unique reference) we are looking for walls that do not start with 2.

Figure 6

Solution: (Figure 7)

Create a filter which looks at wall categories only and filters by Mark that does not being with 2.
This Filter is then used to surface shade walls soild RED.

Figure 7

Note: 2 No additional filters have been added to show all walls that do being with 2 and are made transparent and switch all elements off except walls.

Here is a video showing the process:

Sunday, 26 February 2012

GRUG Event 7

Just a quick update on last weeks 7th meeting of the Glasgow Revit User Group held at Mott MacDonalds Glasgow office.

We had presentations from BIMSCOTLAND - this was a presentation I did (when I was at Buro Happold) along with Keppie Design and Laing O'Rourke last October so it was good to kick back and watch it from the other side - then I did a catch up presentation on what both myself and Allan got up to at Autodesk University 2011 and also what I got up to at my 2nd Gunslinger event.

With over 30 attendees generating alot of discussion during and after the presentation I think it was one of the best meetings to date.

One of the discussions was FM and Asset Management which in true impromptu style I jumped in to show some exciting development we have been doing at  Ramboll UK with LAM™ (Laser Aided Modelling - which we have a trademark for) incorporating asset managing tools which we have developed for various clients using scan/point clouds.

A big thanks to Ramboll UK for the 1st round of drinks to continue the discussion in the pub for a few more hours.

Looking forward to GRUG Event 8 in a few months.